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Holding Hands

What is Hospice?

Hospice is more than healthcare.

Hospice is care for the whole patient- addressing the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of patients and their families as patients near the end of life.

It is a philosophy of care that focuses on improving quality of life through support, comfort and symptom management.

At Enchanted Sky Hospice, we believe beautiful moments can be created even during life's most challenging times. 

Our goal is to improve and transform the end-of-life process in a positive and meaningful way by helping our patients celebrate the lives they've led and live their remaining life to the fullest.

If you feel that you or your loved one may be in the final 6 months to year of life, hospice services may be a good option to help provide the increased care and support you need. Consultations are always free, and our phones are always answered by a real person.

Quality Time
What is Hospice
hospice services

The enchanted Sky Difference:

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Symptom & Pain Management

Our hospice team members are experts in their fields, specializing in chronic and terminal disease management. Our medical team works together to alleviate symptoms that may arise and help patients achieve comfort. Medications are ordered and adjusted based on each patient's needs and in accordance with their wishes. Our goal is to allow patients to pass in comfort and with dignity, while respecting their personal beliefs.

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24/7 Support

Our medical team is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to answer questions, provide support or perform emergency visits if needed. 

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Hospice-related medications are provided at no cost. We can also manage any longstanding medications. We make medication management easier by providing refills, performing medication reconciliations, and  streamlining your medication ordering process. We also provide free delivery of most medications.

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Care Wherever You Call Home

We provide outpatient hospice care wherever you call home- including private homes, assisted living facilities and nursing facilities. Additionally, we can provide inpatient hospice care at contracted skilled nursing facilities. We can also assist you with facility referrals and placement.

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Our chaplains and spiritual counselors are available to every patient, as well as their loved ones. Care is tailored to each patient and their individual  beliefs and can include spiritual care, assistance with religious resources, emotional support, a listening ear or just a hand to hold.

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Our health aides are available to assist patients with personal care needs, such as showering, bathing, massage, nail care and other basic hygiene needs.  They can also lend a hand with light housekeeping or just stop by to spend time with patients. 

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Our hospice has a wonderful team of volunteers who may be able to offer a variety of additional services and care. 

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Leading the
Way for
New Mexico's Hospice

Enchanted Sky Hospice prides itself on leading the charge to provide innovative hospice care,  increase access to hospice services and improve the end of life and hospice experience for all New Mexicans. 

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of Care

When you decide to elect hospice care, our team will work with your current healthcare providers to coordinate the transfer of your care onto hospice services. Once on hospice, each patient is assigned a hospice team, which includes a doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse case manager, chaplain, social worker and health aide. Your core team members will work with you to develop and tailor your plan of care to your individual needs and preferences. Your case manager will coordinate your care across all disciplines. Our team members are able to collaborate with many outside services at your request.

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Covered by Insurance

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Presbyterian and most other private insurances. In nearly all cases, our hospice services are provided at no cost to you. There is no limit to the amount of time a qualifying patient can receive hospice services.

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Many caregivers find they need extra support or assistance, especially as their loved one's health declines. Our hospice believes in treating our patients' loved ones as an extension of the patient. Whether it's spiritual support, assistance with referrals, grief counseling, telemental health services, or respite stays, many of our services are available to our patients' caregivers at no additional cost to them. 

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& Supplies

Hospice covers all costs of hospice-related medical equipment and supplies. This can include durable medical equipment, such as hospital beds and wheelchairs, as well as incontinence and wound care supplies. Supplies and equipment can be delivered to you the same day you sign on to our service.

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Social Work

Our team of social workers are specially trained in hospice and health care. They provide social services, such as assistance with referrals, assistance with advanced directives, assistance with financial issues, and assistance with applications, as well as grief counseling and other mental health services. These services are available to each patient, as well as their family members, as part of their hospice care.

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After the loss of a loved one, our hospice services continue to be available to family members and caregivers for up to a year after a patient passes as part of our Bereavement Program.

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Locally Owned
& Operated

Enchanted Sky Hospice is locally owned and operated, and we take great pride in providing the best hospice care possible to our fellow New Mexicans. The owners of the company love visiting with patients and are happy to answer any questions you have directly.

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