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Thank You, Nurses! May 6th-14th is National Nurses Week

Nurses play a vital role in all health care settings. Providing physical and emotional support to patients is part of every nurse's work, but in no setting is it more significant than that of hospice.

A hospice nurse provides care as the end of life approaches. This is a most significant time of life for both patients and families. While death is a universal experience, we may feel anxious about the dying process and all it brings. Hospice nurses are experienced in providing the care needed to ease our fears and help us work toward acceptance and understanding of the dying process.

Hospice nurses have expertise in easing any symptoms and managing pain that may be present at end of life. Many people are relieved to find that dying does not necessarily bring unrelenting pain. Hospice nurses are experts at communicating with patients and family members who have questions or concerns about end of life pain management.

In addition to concerns about physical pain, many people have emotional or spiritual questions or concerns about end of life. Hospice nurses understand the complex emotions of dying people, and know when to offer supports such as social workers or chaplains to ease concerns. They understand that dying is not only a physical experience, but is also an emotional and spiritual event that often benefits from appropriate supportive care. Hospice nurses are often at the center of the supportive team that provides our care as we near end of life.

The specialized skills and abilities of hospice nurses to offer compassionate care at an especially challenging time are deserving of gratitude and respect. At Enchanted Sky Hospice, our nurses value each and every patient and their network of support. Our approach to care honors individual needs and preferences, and we are proud to be part of the recognition that National Nurses Week brings.

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